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lyrics "All Falls Down (Mio Remix) - Alan Walker, Noah Cyrus, Digital Farm Animals"

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Artist express:Alan Walker
Release year:2018

Verse 1: Noah Cyrus
Whats the trick? I wish I knew
Im so done with thinking through all the things I couldve been
And I know you wonder too
All it takes is that one look you do and I run right back to you
You crossed the line and its time to say "F" you
Whats the point in saying that when you know how Ill react?
You think you can just take it back, but *** just dont work like that
Youre the drug that Im addicted to, and I want you so bad
Guess Im stuck with you, and thats that

Chorus: Noah Cyrus
Cause when it all falls down, then whatever
When it dont work out for the better
If it just aint right, and its time to say goodbye
When it all falls down, when it all falls down
Ill be fine, Ill be fine
Youre the drug that Im addicted to
And I want you so bad, but Ill be fine

Verse 2: Juliander
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