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lyrics "Alice Cooper - He's Back"

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Artist express:Alice Cooper
Genre:Hard Rock
Release year:1986

Youre with your baby
And youre parked alone
On a summer night
Youre deep in love
But youre deeper in the woods
You think youre doin alright
Did you hear that voice
Did you see that face
Or was it just a dream
This cant be real
That only happens, babe
On the movie screen
Oh, but hes back
Hes the man behind the mask
And hes out of control
Hes back
The man behind the mask
And he crawled out of his hole
Youre swimmin with your girl
Out on lovers lake
And the wind blows cold
It chills your bones
But youre still on the make
Thats a bad mistake
But the moon was full
And you had a chance
To be all alone
But youre not alone
This is your last dance
And your last romance
Yeah, cause hes back
Hes the man behind the mask
And hes out of control
Hes back
The man…
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