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lyrics "Alec Benjamin - Now She's Getting Married"

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Artist express:Alec Benjamin
Release year:2019

She was soft, she was kind
She was warm and she was mine
And now she's getting married, now she's getting married
And I'm not the one she'll kiss goodnight

We were young, I'll admit, but I thought that this was it
And now she's getting married, all my hope is buried
And I wonder if she ever thinks of

Ice cream in the park, dancing in the dark
And holding like she'd never let me go

She'll dress up, wearing white, while I wait for a wife
And now she's getting carried from the sanctuary
And they're driving down the streets where we once

Held each others hands, talked about our plans
And dreamed about the places we would go

Do you ever think, do you ever think, do you ever think of me?
Do you ever dream, do you ever dream, that we were meant to be?
Do you ever think, do you ever think, do you ever think of me?
Do you ever dream, do you ever dream that we were meant to be?

So if I, had the chance, I would ask for one last dance
I know we're not together, I'll love her forever
Even when I'm buried, now she's getting married
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