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lyrics "Alberto Garcien - Hug the Floor"

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Artist express:Alberto Garcien
Release year:2020

Im on it. Every time you wanted
When anyone just needed something I would come and hand it over
Take it

You need it? You feed in all I've given
Compromising me was just the instruction I've been given
Compromising me

You couldn't stay in your lie
You bothered me less while you stepped in your pride
I shoulda left you behind
in a group with the others that were cast aside
Now look me right in the eye
And tell me if ever you felt so alive
Euphoric you jump off the line
Be careful to step off the road you might fall back to the start
What's wrong with that?
There's always been a wire to grab when I fall
There's always been a reason to look from below
Closer to the ground I don't choke on the smoke
The risks are all the blind, bare feet walking on snow

No reason to lie to hug the floor

Im on it. Every time they wanted
When anyone just needed me I'll jump in with no delay

You need me? You feed in all I'm giving
Compromising me just wore me thin before I healed

Just pause it. Let me catch my breath
I can carry so much weight before my limbs fall over

I want it, I need it, you see me defeated
The glory, the image. It all broke down
It all broke down
on me

Stand up and fight like a man
The surface is cold and the objective is far
Carrying the weight of your past
Is not enough to be climbing for months
Everyone will leave you behind
You will be stepped on, forgotten and mad
Regret if you don't just restart
If you really wanted you could roll off road and fall all way back
Years falling back

There's always been a wire to grab when I fall
There's always been a reason to look from below
Closer to the ground I don't choke on the smoke
The risks are all the blind, bare feet walking on snow

Please tell them I'm allright, that I'm sane
Don't ask them to wait for me, I'm ok
I'll catch up later, when I feel
Better than I'm now, resting on the ground

No reason to lie to hug the floor
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