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lyrics "Aishite Aishite Aishite | JubyPhonic"

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Artist express:JubyPhonic
Release year:2017

[Verse 1]
Far far away in a time and a place
Lived a necklace winding astray
“It’s people I need, oh people to feed,”
The choker accursed would frantically scream
Do not be angry, do not go away, be right here
And forever you’ll stay
Wound tighter and tighter, threw up, nearly whiter
Nobody here, there’s nobody at all
I’m doing so well, have you heard?
(You see, you see) I’m such a good girl
Cute as a button, you heard?
(You see, you see) So good, this girl
In pain, I scream you see?

Love me I say, love me I say, love me I say, more and more and
Love me I say, love me away
Until I’m not completely sane
Torturing me, torturing me
Let me be free, break from the curse hurting me
None of you can stop it now

[Verse 2]
Grow as you may, like a sweet summer day
Know this collar will stay just the same
“I’m hurting and bleed, I need more to feed,”
“Get people, more people,” the choker would scream
I am the best in my class they attest
I’m a girl far above all the rest
Far better than those two, better than all you
People, oh people! Look only at me! Oh
Meeting alone in the yard
From me to you, confessing my heart
Was it a lie from the start?
To say I love you from afar
As filthy a creature you are!

Love me I say, love me I say, love me I say, take what you want of me
Taking from me, taking from me, all that I have and all that I keep
Screaming for more, you’re not enough, screaming for more
I couldn’t give you up ahh…
I am just so sorry

Love me I say, love me I say, love me I say, more and more and
Love me I say, love me away
Until I’m not completely sane
Torturing me, strangling me, torturing me
More and more, more and more, ahh!

Aren’t I so happy today?
Aren’t I so happy today?
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