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lyrics "AC DC - War Machine "

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Artist express:AC/DC
Album:Black Ice
Genre:Hard Rock
Release year:2008

Push your foot to the floor
Dont need no more
Youve been peeking all around
While theyre messing about
Better get your name, come on in
Gimme that thing and feed your war
War Machine
Make a stand, show your hand
Call in the high command
Dont think, just obey
Im like a bird of prey
So better get your name, come on in
Gimme that thing and feed your war
War Machine
Better watch your back
And cover your tracks
Kick your foot through the door
Hit the deck, know the score
They take you by surprise
And heres mud in your eye
This will be the day they shouldnt forget
Call of the wild, hungry for more
And feed your
War Machine
Lets go.
Ive seen your war
War Machine
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