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lyrics "AC/DC - Love Hungry Man "

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Artist express:AC/DC
Genre:Hard Rock
Release year:1979

Youre the one Ive waited for
I need your love
More and more
I dont know what your name is
I dont know what your game is
I wanna take you tonight
Animal appetite
Cause Im a love
Hungry man
Yeah Im the love
Hungry man
Dont want no conversation
I need sweet sensation
All I wanna do
Is make a meal outta you
Cause Im a love
Hungry man, I got to get what I can
Hungry man, I tell you yes I am
Im your love
Hungry man, oh baby youre such a treat
And you know
A mans got to eat
Youre the one Ive waited for, oh yes you are
I need your lovin more and more, yeah I do
Cause Im a love, love hungry man, oh yes I am
Im a love, love hungry man
Im a love, love hungry man
Im your love, love hungry man
Im a love, love hungry man
Im a love, love hungry man
Gimme one for the road and Ill carry your load Im your man
Yes I am
A mans got to eat, baby, bon appetite
Im your
Love hungry man
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