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lyrics "AC/DC - Big Gun"

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Artist express:AC/DC
Genre:Hard Rock
Release year:1993

Riot on the radio
Pictures on the TV
Invader man take what he can
Shootout on the silver screen
Sticking em up and knocking em down
Living out a fantasy
Theres a bad man cruising around
In a big black limousine
Dont let it be wrong
Dont let it be right
Get in his way
Youre dead in his sights
Big gun
Big gun number one
Big gun
Big gun kick the hell out of you
Terminators, Uzi makers
Shootin up Hollywood
Snakes alive with a .45
Setting off and doing no good
If you aint wise theyll cannibalize
Tear flesh off you
Classified lady killers
Prayin in the human zoo (Prayin)
They saddle you up
And take you to town
Better look out
When he come around
Big gun
Big gun number one
Big gun
Big gun kick the hell out of you
Big gun, got a hot one
Big gun, got a number one
Big gun, loaded and cocked
Big gun, hot hot hot
Got big gun, ready or not
Big gun, give it, give it a shot
Terminator, Uzi makers
Regulators, gonna get you later
Big gun kick the hell out of you
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