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lyrics "Abstract feat. Aspen Dawn - Never Gonna Die"

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I never once looked before I jumped
They say thats just because Im young
And when I fall down and skin my knees
I never believe that I will bleed, running wild, living free, The freest we will ever be
You and I will live our lives like were never gonna die
You ask what I would change
If I could go back to the days when I was tired of my ways
Would I set fire to the pain when life refused to stay the same?
I know Im not the best with change
Never been the one to act my age
Never been too quick to turn the page
Lives younger than I am now
I swear 6 years feel like 95
Feel like through it I done lived a couple lives
Theres a growing process to the other side
Happiness is never given, no, happiness is a decision, so
I been learning how to live it, slow, take it in with every minute, go
Nowadays everybody want it right now, thats a dream
Thats money, thats our culture right now
Thats a Netflix binge, thats a quick text back
Anxiety built when it aint like that
Thats a lot of life lost living life too fast
Lot of views unseen, lotta love gets lost
Skimming through our lives so we staying on the surface
Run on water cause we feel the depths uncertain
Swear lifes better when you just dive in
Fakes dont float where the real ones swim
Depths get deep where the real take leaps
And the sharks gon eat what the real deem weak
So much underneath if you just take time
To explore your world both in and outside
No ones life like yours, no ones life like mine
I just hope you see the beauty fore it pass you by
Songwriters: Abstract
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