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lyrics "A Different Corner - Shayne Ward"

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Artist express:Shayne Ward
Release year:2018

Id say love was a magical thing
Id say love would keep us from pain
Had I been there?
Had I been there?

I would promise you all of my life
But to lose you would cut like a knife
So I dont dare
No, I dont dare

Cause Ive never come close
In all of these years
You are the only one to stop my tears
And Im so scared
Im so scared

Take me back in time
Maybe I can forget
Turn a different corner
And we never would have met
Would you care?

I dont understand it
For you its a breeze
Little by little
Youve brought me to my knees

Dont you care?

No, Ive never come close
In all of these years
You are the only one to stop my tears
Im so scared of this love

And if all that there is
Is this fear of being used
I should go back to being lonely and confused
If I could I would. I swear.

Whoa, I swear
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