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lyrics "A Boogie Wit da Hoodie - Eliantte"

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Artist express:Eliantte
Release year:2020

Hit 'em up
He got the draco when the [?] got the pistol tucked
He get nervous, he be thinkin' they might stick him up
All my niggas paranoid, they gotta keep one up
Yeah, yeah
They tryna hit 'em up
He got the draco when the [?] got the pistol tucked, yeah
He get nervous, he be thinkin' they gon stick him up, yeah
All my niggas paranoid, they gotta keep one up, yeah

I, I don't give a fuck
Put the thirty in the FN that'll lift 'em up, yeah
Put your bestfriend on a jersey, I can make you cry
If they say I'm gettin' money, they ain't never lie, yeah
Now I run it up a lot, and they never like it
Two hunnid on a watch and its Eliantte
She like she don't like to fuck, but know she like it
Put my finger in her butt, make the pussy mad wet
Put my thumb up in her butt, make the pussy mad wet
Couple Highbridge niggas, from the fuckin' projects
Send shots at me nigga, I ain't even duckin'
Whole block full of shooters, everybody dumpin', yeah
First off fuck that shit you claim
Westside of the X, where them pistols bang
And I don't wanna be a player but they love my fly
It's the way I rock my Amiris and my shoes untied
Nah, nah, I ain't talkin' to no dead man
No more tellin' everybody all my business
If you hurt someone around me, caught a man down
Girl just keep it to yourself and never say shit
'Cause I swear you match my fly and I like that
And you always down to ride, just like that
Baby when I hit your line, hit me right back
'Cause I know bitches they be lyin', they be spiteful, oh
Glove on like Michael, oh
Metro and the G.O.A.T, oh, oh
They know, yeah they know, oh, oh
They know, yeah they know, oh, yeah
If somebody hit that nigga up
Can you just tell 'em I was with you girl? (Yeah)
Like a bandaid in the cut, hmm
'Cause you know how much I really miss you
Girl, oh, I've been waitin' for you to come over (Over)
Lately you've been actin' like you hate me girl (Hmm)
I don't know why she always want me to post her (Post her)
You already know that you my baby, girl
I don't give a fuck this my baby girl
Lamborghini truck with my baby girl
You don't wanna see me go crazy
You don't wanna see me go crazy, yeah
Baby don't make me go crazy, yeah
All my diamonds cooler than the AC, yeah
Momma got a seven thousand dollar bracelet, yeah
Free all of my nigga, fuck an indictment, yeah
They just wanna see us fightin' fed cases, yeah
They don't wanna see us in the right places, yeah
Love my lil' bitch, she got the right shape, yeah
And she always pull up on me with the right fragrance
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