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lyrics "50 Cent - 9 Shots "

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Artist express:50 Cent
Album:9 Shots
Release year:2015

Fifty, fifty
Ferrari, Ferrari
Shooter, shooter
I was innocent then, I aint do no wrong
She said, you mommy little man, I said, yep, uh huh
She was everything to me, when she came, I just lit up
Sunday morning I was so sharp, all did up
It was welfare hustlin, they killed her for that
The first shot, bullet wound in my back
Im fucked up, look at my sneakers, Im fucked up
Now Im on my own, mommy gone
Sam said, you a young boy, why your clothes look so old?
You dont need fish, little nigga, you need a pole
You dont need no new kicks, you need an O
Chop that, bag it, get right back at it
That touched me, it hit me in my heart
Im a hustler, homie, you was giving me my start
I am what I am, Sabrinas only baby
Practicing in the mirror, pulling out my .380
Oh man, I fucked up nana gonna kill me
Whenever shit can go wrong it always will, see
Seven grams of cocaine, three grams of dope
Saint Mary medallion hanging from my rope
Try to punk me and my gun smoke
Look, Im outta control, my gun go
Off like its legal, call the cops, you need to
Give em my description, I aint bullshittin
My high school sweetheart love didnt last long
Niggas start flashing that bread and she was gone
That hurt me like the bullet in my calf then
My next girl was a pain in the ass
I got two shots left, in case niggas try to get me
Thats nine shots, we just call it fifty
Mama said the Lord gon bless us
Mama said, mama said
Mama said the Lord gon bless us
Then in came the landlord, beef, and the stresses
Mama said the Lord gon bless us
Mama said, mama said
Mama said the Lord gon bless us
The dope bought the shit the food stamps couldnt get us
Mama said the Lord gon bless us
Thats what mama said, thats what mama said
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