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lyrics "4 morant (better luck next time) - doja cat"

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Artist express:Com Truise
Release year:2019

The beach is a good place to pick up girls because you can really see what you're getting
Most beaches are- of chicks
And they’re-and they're-and they're-and they’re-and they're-and they're-and they're-and they're
Hm, mm, mm

I've been moving in backward directions
During astral projections
I plaster my ass on the wall for attention
I need faster connections
Past is regret, I'd flash from the gemses
If I didn't care what my friends did
Friends that pretend, wanna end when you get bit
Get slick, get quick, wanna spend shit
Ends with a sniff or a huff or injection
I can’t handle rejection, stand my reflection
Damn, no one gets it
Should I be kind and remind that I’m weak?
So I fall more behind every week
I'm the ’shine once guys take a peek
I cry from my eyes to my feet
Stairs to the streets, to the gutters, to the sea
When I mutter in my sleep
I say, "Mother never weep"
My brother finds blood
I say, "Shut up 'fore she sees"
Another motherfucking treat
Won-wonder will she weep, won-wonder where she be
Thunder on my teeth
Spittin' natural disasters
God told me, "Cat, don't mess with the past tense"
You’re testing the masters
So guess what the fact is
My ex is a bachelor
Next, gonna get big checks from the sets
Next, from the dancers
Next, from the models
This Hennessy is cursed
Someone hexed all the bottles
Someone hexed all the bottles
I swear on my life, I always try
But in my eyes, I can fly
Better luck next time
Be-be-better luck next time
Better luck next time
Be-be-be-be-better luck next time
Better luck next time (Better luck next time)
Be-be-be-be-better luck next time
Better luck next time
Be-be-be-be-better luck next time
Better luck next time

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