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lyrics "2Pac - Letter 2 My Unborn"

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Artist express:2Pac
Release year:2011

To my unborn child…
To my unborn child
In case I dont make it
Just remember, Daddy loves you

Now ever since my birth
Ive been cursed, since Im born to wile
In case I never get to holla at my unborn child
Many things learned in prison, blessed and still livin
Trying to earn every penny that Im gettin, Im reminiscin
To the beginning of my mission
When I was conceived and came to be in this position
My momma was a Panther: loud single parent, but she proud
When she witnessed baby boy rip a crowd
Went to school, but I dropped out and left the house
Cause my mama say Im good for nothing, so Im out
Since I only got one life to live, God forgive me for my sins
Let me make it and Ill never steal again or deal again
My only friend is my misery
Wanting revenge for the agony they did to me
See, my life aint promised, but its sure getting better
Hope you understand my love letter, to my unborn child

Natasha Walker:
Im writing you a letter
This is to my unborn child
Want to let you know I love you
If you didnt know I feel this way
Cause I think about you every day
I have so much to say

Seems so complicated to escape fate
And you can never understand till we trade places
Tell the world I feel guilty for being anxious
Aint no way in hell that I could ever be a rapist
Its hard to face this cold world on a good day
When will they let the little kids in the hood play?
I got shot five times, but Im still breathin
Living proof theres a God if you need a reason
Can I believe in my own fate?
Will I raise my kids in the right or the wrong way?
Dear Mama, Im a man now
I wanna make it on my own, not a handout
Make way for a whirlwind prophesized
I wanna go in peace when I got to die
On these cold streets, aint no love, no mercy and no friends
In case you never see my face again, to my unborn child

Natasha Walker:
Im writing you a letter
This is to my unborn child
Want to let you know I love you
If you didnt know I feel this way
Cause I think about you every day
I have so much to say

Dear Lord, can you hear me? Tell me what to say
To my unborn seed in case I pass away
Will my child get to feel love?
Or are we all just cursed to be street thugs?
Cause being black hurts, and even worse if you speak first
Living my life as an Outlaw – what could be worse?
Cause maybe if I tried to change
Whom I kidding? Im a thug til I die; Im a rider, mane
Touch bases, eat lunch in plush places
Regular criminal oasis awaits us
If theres a ghetto for true thugs, Ill see you there
And Im sorry for not being there
Just know your daddy was a soldier: Me Against the World
Bless the boys and all my little girls
To the Lord: Im eternal, resting in peace
Please take care of all my seeds, to my unborn child

Please take care of all my kids and my unborn child
To my unborn child…
This letter goes out to my seeds that I might not get to see cause of this lifestyle
Just know your daddy loved you
Got nothing but love for you
And all I wanted was for you to have a better life than I had
Cause I was out there on a 24 hour 365 grind
When you get to be my age, youll understand
Just know I got love for you
And Ill see you if theres a ghetto in Heaven
If theres a ghetto Heaven, Ill be there waiting for you
Heh heh, take care. Run wild, but be smart
Follow the rules of the game
I know sometimes theres confusion
Rules of the game is gonna get you through it
All day every day
Watch out for these snakes and fakes
Friends come a dime a dozen
Be an individual, work hard
Study, get your mind sharp, trust nobody
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