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lyrics "23 - Shakira"

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Artist express:Shakira
Release year:2014

Everybody needs an anchor
A little something that makes you stay
An incentive
Someone to fight for
Cause no one really needs so much space
A couple years ago I was lonely
I used to think that there was no God
But then you looked at me with your blue eyes
And my agnosticism turned into dust How well you know me
That I don’t care if the rest don’t
It doesn’t matter to me, no
As long as you love me
As long as we still have each other

I knew we had something
From the moment I met you I knew we had something
No one thought it could be true
Hey do you believe
Do you believe in destiny? ‘Cause I do as I did then
When you were only 23
God knows that I’m a good dancer
My feet can move to the music he plays
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