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lyrics "21 Savage - Immortals "

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Artist express:21 Savage
Release year:2019

Brand new MAK-90 with the drum attached (Drum)
You a shit talker, we got guns for that (On God)
Tryna fistfight, boy, you dumb for that (Stupid)
You gon get a bullet in yo lung for that (Stupid)
Draco get to kickin like Liu Kang (21)
F&N on me in the Mulsanne (Straight up, straight up)
Glock 19 and a blue flame (Straight up)
I was strapped when I slid inside your boo thang (On God)
21 immortal, we will never die (21)
Loyal to my brothers (Yeah), Ill never lie (Straight up)
Call me bird dog cause I cheat and Im fly (Straight up)
And I love winnin, Im upset if its a tie
If you ever try to go against the gang (21)
We gon drop
Beat you off the ground just to knock you to the floor (Yeah)
Lets go blow for blow (Yeah), lets go toe to toe (Straight up)
When its time to battle, theyll never ever show (21)
When its time to battle, Im the first one at the door
At the door, here we go
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