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lyrics "070 Shake - Lose My Cool ft. NLE Choppa"

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Artist express:070 shake
Release year:2021

[Verse 1: 070 Shake]
I'm so androgynous I keep confusing them
Think I'm a polygamist, I want like two of them
Wake up in the mornin', see the life I wanna live
I can't get distracted tryna live my life with them
I know I'm a prodigy, they say they proud of me
And honestly, I gotta be, 'cause there's a God in me
Shootin' for a higher self, a higher frequency
And you don't gotta touch me, I can feel your energy
I'm goin' all the way
And drove through the rain
Went against all odds
[Chorus: 070 Shake]
I'll never lose my cool, ooh

[Verse 2: 070 Shake]
Got a house in Hollywood, that mean she probably would
I think that narcissist, the shoe that probably fits
Shе don't need attention, she just need material things
I knеw she was mine by the second Gucci bag
But there's a emptiness I knew that money couldn't fix
There's a part inside your heart that tells you life is bigger
But we still ride the shit, still get fly as shit
I'm talkin' Prada shit, Balenciaga shit

[Chorus: 070 Shake]
I'll never lose my cool, ooh
Inside this room
I'll never lose my cool, ooh

[Verse 3: NLE Choppa]
I'm on some rider shit, she love that slider shit (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
I'm askin' her which ride she in, the Maybach or the Benz?
Me and her, we double tints through 20/20 vision
To keep my cool up, might just need refrigerator, miss
So can you keep it distant?
Don't worry 'bout the past, the future tense, presents we livin' in
Presi', the Benjamins, comma, dividends, but it ain't meanin' shit
I'd give this shit away to somebody who really need it
Lean on me like Tempur-Pedic, for the love you ain't receivin'
'Cause when I'm gone, it's hard to reach me
Part the reason you greedy for the shit your soul don't be needin'
[Chorus: 070 Shake & NLE Choppa]
I'll never lose my cool, ooh (Lose my cool, lose my cool)
Inside this room (Inside, inside, inside this room, woah)
I'll never lose my cool, ooh
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