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lyrics "05 - Bòa - Elephant "

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Artist express:Bòa
Release year:2011

If I was to hold one hand over my face now
Would you know me?
Or would you see the other side of me?
And if you were to notice
There is a plan Ive been devising
To go, to go now, far away from here
And I gonna be so brave
And I gonna go so far away
Where are the wise men?
Where have they all gone to
Did they follow the spirit children
Down the road that only they know?
And you and I know that the answer lies
Somewhere deep in the city of skies
Were gonna go there
Were gonna go there
Were gonna see the daylight
And I, gonna fly away now
And I, gonna go where the path runs high
Oh, Im searching, Oh yeah.
Im gonna go there, Im gonna travel
Im gonna see my through and
You can follow
We can go together
Trunk in hand were gonna go
Isnt it touching the way the trees hold the leaves
Into the sky
And when the breeze blows
All you can see is the green and gold
You and I know that the city holds, the street night lights
And were gonna find it
Were gonna find the gold that illuminates our lives
And I, gonna go so far away
And I, gonna see the stars up high
Hear me out, hear me out
Im searching
Hear me out, yeah
We can go there, we can travel
Over the motorway, over the valley
All the way there with your gentle spirit
I am not afraid
With your gentle spirit
I am not afraid
I am not afraid
I am not afraid
I am not afraid
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