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lyrics "04. When A Man Loves A Woman - Bette Midler "

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Artist express:Bette Midler
Album:The Rose
Release year:1979

When he held me in his arms,
When he held me in his arms and said,
Baby, baby, baby, you are the only one for me.
When a man loves a woman,
Cant keep his mind on nothing else.
Hell trade the world
For the good thing he found.
Yeah, if shes bad, he cant see it.
She can do no wrong.
Turn his back on his best friend
If he put her down.
When a man loves a woman,
Spend his very last dime
Tryin to hold on to what he needs.
Hell give up all his comforts,
Go out and sleep out in the rain,
If she says, baby, that is how its gonna be.
When a man loves a woman,
Gives her everything that he has,
Tryin to hold on to her precious love,
Cryin, baby, baby please dont treat me bad.
When a man loves a woman
Down deep in his soul,
She can bring him such misery.
Yeah, shes bad, but, oooh,
Hes the last one to know.
Lovin eyes dont ever see.
So, this man says he loves me, he loves me.
He gives me everything, everything,
Everything that he has,
Tryin to hold on to my precious love,
Cryin, baby, baby, baby, dont you, dont you
Treat me, treat me bad.
Ohhhh, yeah.
When a man loves a woman
He can do her no wrong.
He could never hold another girl.
Oh, you tell me you love me, baby,
And gonna hold me tight.
Baby, baby, this is a mans world.
No, no.
Oh, baby, a change is gonna come down
In this mans world.
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