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lyrics "~ BETTE MIDLER ~ Am I Blue "

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Artist express:Bette Midler
Release year:1972

Im just a woman, a lonely woman,
waiting on the weary shore.
Im just a woman whos only human,
one you should feel sorry for.
Well, I woke up this morning a long about dawn.
Without a warning I found that he was gone.
Why did he do it? How could he do it?
Hed never done it before.
Am I blue. Am I blue.
Aint these tears in these eyes tellin you?
Oh, am I blue? Well, I bet you would be, too,
if each plan with your man done fell through.
There was a time I was his only one.
but now Im the sad and lonely one.
Was I gay til today?
But now that man is gone,
hes gone and we are through.
Am I blue.
There was a time I was his only one.
But now, a, now, now, now, Im the sad and lonely one.
Oh god, Im lonely.
But I remember, oh, I remember when I was gay.
That was up until today,
cause now that man is gone, hes gone and we are through.
Am I, am I, well, would you believe it if I told you Im blue?
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