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Date Submitted:23/08/2020 - Date of editing:04/02/2023

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Developers: Valve

Left 4 Dead 2 — telling us the story of survivors group who didn’t have time to evacuate from a city filled with infected residents. Four heroes have to clear their way, going through the crowds of the living dead. As before, the player is given control of one of the four characters, and the bots help in the passage of a series of cards.

The second part of the Left 4 Dead franchise combines the best ideas of the first game also has good even by today’s standards graphics and excellent optimization while it offers cool gameplay. Want to try the game? You can download Left 4 Dead 2 with all the add-ons from our website.

Great 4-player co-op zombie killing action. Each run-through will never be the same thanks to the AI director, which often keeps things interesting, randomly spawning special infected, and tanks. This keeps the game constantly challenging, and forces players to adapt to quickly changing situations, or die trying. This version of L4D introduces new weapons, like the AK-47, military sniper rifle (HK PSG-1), Desert Eagle sidearm, M40 grenade launcher, and M60 machine gun. It also includes new special infected, like the spitter, charger, and jockey, adding new threats to situations never before experienced in L4D1.

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