Create midi online
1 c2
2 d2
3 e2
4 f2
5 g2
6 a2
7 b2
8 c3
9 d3
0 e3
q f3
w g3
e a3
r b3
t c4
y d4
u e4
i f4
o g4
p a4
a b4
s c5
d d5
f e5
g f5
h g5
j a5
k b5
l c6
z d6
x e6
c f6
v g6
b a6
n b6
m c7
! C#2
@ D#2
$ F#2
% G#2
^ A#2
* C#3
( D#3
Q F#3
W G#3
E A#3
T C#4
Y D#4
I F#4
O G#4
P A#4
S C#5
D D#5
G F#5
H G#5
J A#5
L C#6
Z D#6
C F#6
V G#6
B A#6

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MIDI editor manual

With piano emulator and midi editor making it easy to create your own music or contribute to our system your existing compositions, If you are a beginner Our midi creator, take a few minutes to read the manual tips below to easily use the full features of this tool.

Basic use

  • Press the keys on your computer keyboard that correspond to the notation marks on each piano key to record the action of adding a note in the midi editor.
  • To edit a midi note simply click on the midi note and press another key to replace the selected midi.
  • Create a chord for the track by clicking on the add line button in the midi toolbar. Then you will create an additional thread to record new notes
  • Midi editor toolbar includes:
    Add lineAdd a new line to create different playing streams, like a fretboard chord, you can only create up to 10 lines corresponding to your 10 fingers while playing at the same time.Enter
    Add columnAdd an empty column to create a time interval between the chords at a given time relative to the player\'s beat speed, or create a draft column so you can insert the frets later.Spacebar
    Delete a rowDeletes a row while deleting all midi notes in the selected row-
    Delete a columnDeleting a column means deleting the midi notes in the selected columnDelete
    Empty a midiEmpty the note, this returns the note to its original state when it has not been recordedErase
    Create midi from PC textEnter the computer text to create the corresponding midiIns
    Export midi file (.mid)Create mid files from midi to enjoy or listen on computer or mobile devicesF4
    PublishPublish your work to the world for everyone to enjoy, or contribute to a midi song. We will moderate your midi composition and edit it to match the system\'s archiveF2

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