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Date Submitted:08/03/2022 - Date of editing:03/07/2022


This classic puzzle game is the best for math and logic puzzle lovers

With specific rules and instructions, along with items to help you solve the number boxes, this is a special thing that this game brings to players.

The rules of this number puzzle game are simple: Remove all the digits from the game board by removing equal pairs of digits or pairs of digits that add together to ten.
When there are no matches on the board, you can tap the ADD LINE button to drop a new row of numbers onto the number pad.

If you like Sudoku, Nonogram, Griddlers, crossword puzzles or any other number game, this game is perfect for you to exercise your brain in your spare time. With soothing music and beautiful graphics, you will feel relaxed and calm.

This game is also useful to improve some basic math or math operations

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