The War of the Worlds: Andromeda

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Date Submitted:01/10/2020 - Date of editing:23/09/2021

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Developers:Mediamas Europa


The world is over, get up and start the battle of revenge! With the first-person shooter of The War of the Worlds: Andromeda, load your weapons and lead your team to fight through swarms of fierce aliens. Turn the battle around through 14 epic levels of brutal combat, based on the world of H.G. Wells. We have worked hard for three years and especially the last year. If you continue to support us we will add an online mode and we will add more levels. "It all began on the day of the emergency, when the Andromedans appeared and devastated us. We tried to stop them with our nuclear weapons ... we burned our own cities, we killed millions of our own, but the Andromedans continued to appear. The survivors of the nuclear weapons attacks did not want to have anything to do with an army that sacrificed its citizens. After three years of struggle, we have had to sacrifice even the last strength of humanity: Atlanta. Our weapons extinguished the population of the city, but we have not been able to stop the Andromeda army. The war is not over. We are going to try a new form, in a bunker hidden in the outskirts of Atlanta, there is an abandoned weapon that can make the Andromedans be defeated. But getting to that bunker requires a person with special abilities. After searching our databases, we have located the person who can fulfill our purpose: Commander Matthew Hunter. Reports indicate that he is in the hospital in Marietta, GA. However, there is a problem, the latest news says that the soldier went into a coma four years ago. I'm going there, the fate of the world is well worth the attempt ... The lieutenant Anya Malmsten

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