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Date Submitted:25/09/2020 - Date of editing:05/05/2021
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Developers:Hovgaard Games

Startup Company by Hoovgard games is available on steam as a business simulation. You play the role of CEO of a newly formed startup. Your job is to make your own website and compete against other tech giants of the world. During the gameplay you take all sorts of decisions. You hire people by looking at their profile, optimizing the work they do. The game tries to bring on the challenges that come with the startup experience.

The Gameplay is quite interesting but can seem a little too much at times. You as the CEO play a lot of roles in your startup. By features such as keeping track of servers, spending on marketing, managing your staff etc, the game provides you with a great simulation. In the beginning you only have a fixed amount of money so you have to be wise about where you intend to spend it.

You have to hire developers, designers to create the website. Once they make it you have to test the components and modules. Gameplay also includes making the working condition for your staff better so they are more productive. Or you could train them up so they get more proficient.

Startup Company Overall impression

The game gives satisfactory results in almost all areas of gameplay. But you are bound to think of the possibilities they have missed. I mean it’s a start-up everything could go either wrong or right. Maybe the possibility of multiple endings could have done more justice, showing that the decisions you take have much more than an ornamental affect. This game is great for a one time play but you don’t get addicted to it. If I have to go on the harder side maybe it even gets tedious at some points of time


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