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Date Submitted:02/09/2020 - Date of editing:07/08/2022

Developers:Buckshot Software

Project Warlock is a 2018 first-person shooter video game developed by Polish/German studio Buckshot Software and published by Gaming Company. Project Warlock is notable for being created by 18-year-old Jakub Cislo, who developed the game while still attending high school.

this game will take you back to the golden ages of fpp, when you were straining your eyeballs with wolfenstein, heretic and hexen.

don’t let the old school artwork, rushing enemies and shotgun blasts fool you. this is an fpp shooter ripped straight from the 80’s and thrust into modern times with accompanying state of the art 2,5D pixel graphics, pulsating synth soundtrack and a varied assortment of baddies to shoot, dismember and incinerate. 72 types of enemies, 38 weapons, numerous perks and spells and robust weapon upgrade system plus over 100 tracks to accompany you when raising hell as in good old days.

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