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Date Submitted:07/09/2020 - Date of editing:24/02/2021
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Developers:Extreme Developers

Dust off your exosuit, polish your weaponry, and check all your mechs are in working order because machines engage today.

Keep your eyes on the clock because it’s nearly time to start accepting contracts. At 18:00 UTC, Hybrid Wars will be locked, loaded, and ready to rekindle your love for chaotic shooters of the ‘90s. From Extreme Developers, and published by WG Labs, you can expect fast and furious action, some open worlds to explore, lots of challenging missions to wield, and a small army of mechs at your command.

Hybrid Wars will be available in two editions. The Standard Edition, priced at $17.99, includes the full game and the character, Alex Carter, a mercenary from a long lineage of distinguished warriors who’s determined to continue his family’s legacy.

The Deluxe Edition priced at $19.99 includes the full game (Single Player, Cooperative and other Multiplayer* modes). On top of veteran merc Alex Carter, newcomer Jason Wood is ready for action. Jason’s a cybernetically enhanced super-soldier/stunt driver with a quirky little helper droid that’s ready to help him out of any tight scrape. The Deluxe Edition also lands with the original Hybrid Wars soundtrack, a rocking blend of epic orchestral guitar work and futuristic synth melodies. Fans can also grab the digital art book, where you can explore the history of Jason Wood, and discover the highly detailed world of Hybrid Wars.


The two character DLCs are set to deploy Hybrid Wars, opening up new ways to tackle single-player mode and team up with your brothers-in-arms in multiplayer. The first DLC character is Yana “Tesla” Radovich, a self-taught genius and one of the best hackers out there. She’ll be backed up by the high-level tech-espionage specialist Yoko Takano. Both DLCs will be released in autumn 2016, priced at $4.99 each.

If you want a discount on those aforementioned DLC packs, then the Hybrid Wars Season Pass is for you, retailing at $6.99. You can even enhance the Standard Edition to the Deluxe Edition at any time with the Upgrade DLC. However, if you truly wanted to be suited and booted for merc life, you can grab the Season Pass and the Deluxe Edition through a single gaming bundle for $24.99.

In the future, there will be additional multiplayer modes that will land in several free post-launch updates. There’s also a bonus for all Hybrid Wars owners that link their Wargaming.net Account: an additional hero, Ivan, as well as 3 days of Premium Account for Wargaming’s “World of…” series of games.

Hybrid Wars will be available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is being sold digitally through Steam and GOG.com.


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