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Date Submitted:12/09/2020 - Date of editing:24/07/2021

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Developers:34BigThings srl

As the goddess of death, Hella, reconquer your reign by defeating an entire army. Brand your sword to kill enemies with their own projectiles and unleash ancient powers to annihilate them.

As the goddess of death, Hella, reconquer your reign by defeating an entire army. Brand your sword to kill enemies with their own projectiles and unleash ancient powers to annihilate them. This our Helheim review:


  • Nice graphics.
  • Steam achievements.
  • 4552MB Download size.
  • Helheim has full controller support.
  • Tutorial.
  • Helheim is very generous with Constant checkpoints.
  • Plays like a bullet hell combined with a hack and slasher.
  • Use the dash to avoid attacks and projectiles.
  • Use the sword to deflect bullets back.
  • Simple control layout.
  • The game gets progressively harder.
  • Helheim has both mini-boss and boss fights.
  • A lot of combat set within a locked in an arena.
  • Runes- Can equip any two and these add new abilities and attacks. Each rune has a video showing the rune in action.
  • The dark grimy atmosphere.
  • Fast loading and restarting.
  • Build up your special attack/rune attacks by attacking enemies.
  • Helheim allows you to unlock new runes as you progress.
  • Collect health/mana from enemies.
  • Helheim does have some really nice looking locations.


  • Helheim only has one control scheme.
  • Repetitive.
  • Combat music is abrupt.
  • Not always clear where to go.
  • Few dubious animations.
  • Can only use two runes at one time.
  • The way you get runes in Helheim is so unrewarding.
  • No real noteworthy events.


Helheim is a game that is best described as “has potential” They have created some really good looking dark locations that could be fun to explore. They have adopted a fighting style that is fresh and fun to learn, Timing attacks and dodges is a great way to play and they encourage you to experiment with the runes that modify strategy. It just misses all its marks with the same fight sequences over and over, Really intrusive loud out of place combat music and all enemies feel the same. I would like it to push on and add memorable encounters, Multiple pathways and make it so you actually earn the runes. Runes at present are just given to you as you hit the many many checkpoints. No risk reward or sense of accomplishment. Helheim is an ok below average experience at the moment that does one thing well and wears that one good thing out over boring forgettable fight scenes. In short, Helheim is a game that has potential but has squandered innovation with repetitive and simplicity.

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