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Developers:PopCap Games

About Heavy Weapon

Heavy Weapon is an side-scrolling shoot em' up video

Game developed by PopCap Games and released in February 24, 2005. It is available on Windows, Mac OS, Xbox 360, PlayStation Network and Zeebo.


In 1984, Red Star (Soviet Union) has launched an massive-scaled, global invasion. The Allied forces fight bravely, but they are hopelessly outnumbered by the Red Army. The Allied Nations had no choice but to negotiate an surrender, hopefully ending the war and the genocide. Fortunately, they have one last line of defense. Thay have decided to send in the Atomic Tank, as you, being the driver of it. Will you be the one to stop the Red Army invasion to send them back from where they came from, but also destroy the source of the invasion, ending the war once and for all? Fate lies in your hands, as you are the one who drives the Atomic Tank.


In Heavy Weapon, you are the driver of the Atomic Tank, an experimental tank that can shoot nuclear bullets. It is up to you to save the world from the Red Army invasion. The tank can only move left and right, since it's an side-scrolling game.

The game has a total of 19 levels, along with 2 game modes (Mission and Survival). In Mission mode, you must blast through countless enemies, and at the end, defeat a boss. After defeating a boss, you are going to visit the armory, which you can upgrade your tank with various weapons and power-ups. After going through nine bosses, you'll have to go all the way back to the start and destroy the same nine bosses (upgraded versions), until the final boss.

In Survival mode, you'll have to survive through a never-ending waves of enemies, until you have been eliminated. In time, the waves become more crowded with enemies, adding more difficulty to it. There is not much difference between the PC and the Xbox 360 version. In the PC version, you'll play Survival by yourself. In the Xbox 360 version, you can either play by yourself, or join a War Party survival game where up to 4 players can join.


If you press the quit button, the game will pop up some messages; some may encourage you to keep playing the game, or some may insult you for losing the fun, being a coward, etc.

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