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Categories: Game
Date Submitted:23/08/2020 - Date of editing:11/05/2021
Developers:origamihero games

Kittey is out to find his parents, but rocket riding, ball rolling, cliff climbing, and perilous gliding stand in the way of finding them in the cute (but dark) Heart Chain Kitty.

A heart-shaped stranger has come to Kittey’s realm offering personal news, the world seems to be falling apart, and reality seems to be breaking down. Seems like the perfect time for some 3d hopping around! Heart Chain Kitty is filled with lethal pits to jump over, deadly fluids to rush across at high speeds, and twisting machines you’ll need to navigate with well-timed jumps. It’s not shy about its Mario Sunshine and Banjo Kazooie inspirations.

Besides jumping, Kittey has tons of fun ways to traverse the treacherous environments of Kitty Island. There are many different ways to get around, from rolling in balls, riding rockets, or using the power to manipulate screws and bolts. Each of these come with their own special challenges, creating a variety of levels for you to survive through.

Heart Chain Kitty, unlike its inspirations, tells a bleak story with some dark undertones that adds a unique tone to the game. Not that it’s all dark as you collect items, help out with quests, and poke around for the world’s hidden secrets. There’s still fun and joy to be found here in the pure pleasure of jumping around, even as existence crumbles.

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