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Date Submitted:16/08/2020 - Date of editing:24/02/2021
Developers:Dodge Roll

The last drop of new content for the incredible bullet hell roguelike dungeon crawler Enter The Gungeon has arrived. The update is called A Farewell To Arms, and it’s a tad bittersweet, because as the name suggests, this is Dodge Roll’s swan song when it comes to updating the game.

Still, the last batch of additions to the game are pretty incredible. Let's take a look at what's new, and how to unlock them.

This is a pretty significant update, perhaps even more significant than the last update, Advanced Gungeons And Draguns.

First, there are two new Gungeoneers to play as, The Paradox and The Gunslinger. There is also a new level added in. The R&G Department is a unique floor with several new enemies and a new boss battle. There is also a new mode that can be unlocked called Rainbow Mode. In this mode, you are only given a Rainbow Chest at the beginning of each floor.

There are also several new guns and items that have been added to the game. The most notable new death dealers include:

The Glass Cannon, which fires incredibly powerful beams but loses all ammo when damage is taken.

The Evolver, which evolves through 6 different murderous forms, going from an amoeba all the way to a dragon.

The Ticket, which calls in the Gatling Gull as a temporary ally to shoot some chumps.

The Cat Bullet King Throne, which fires bullets upon dodging and also makes you fly.

The Sunlight Javelin, which shoots fiery javelins, and is your obligatory Dark Souls reference.

And of course, there are many other crazy items, all with crazy side effects that either help or hinder your progress.

Finally, there are a few new balance and gameplay tweaks. The DPS cap for bosses has been changed, making it a little easier to take them down. Wall and pedestal mimics now drop rewards when they’re killed.

Also, you can now pet the dog. Which is awesome.

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