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Date Submitted:18/08/2020 - Date of editing:23/09/2021

Now here is something really interesting. A team of students has created a new shooter in Unreal Engine 4 that blends together Contra and Vanquish. This team of 8 students was given 8 weeks in order to design and produce a reboot from a NES game, and Contra 2028 is the result of their work.

Contra 2028 features Hyper-jump mechanics, the ability to slow time while mid-air and the ability to slide across the hangar floor (similar to Vanquish).

This student project is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and is available for download right now. It also comes with leaderboard to show off your skills and supports both controllers and keyboard+mouse.

Since this is a student project, we strongly suggest tempering your enthusiasm. Contra 2028 only features one level in which you can use turrets and weapons in order to kill aliens.

Those interested can download this student project from its official website. Below you can also find its PC requirements, as well as its gameplay trailer!

Contra 2028 PC System Requirements: 

  • Windows 7 64bit and up
  • GTX Geforce 560/Radeon HD 6950 or better
  • 4+ GB RAM
  • Quad Core 3+ GHz Ghz
  • At least 5 GB of free space

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