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Date Submitted:17/08/2020 - Date of editing:20/01/2021
Developers:Bohemia Interactive

Back in 2001 – before stepping into Robert Hammer's boots – I don't think I'd ever played a game as a tank commander. That first memory sticks with me. Not only because of the countless times I'd mess it up, but because of that feeling of seamless continuity. A big combined arms world: from infantryman, through tank commander, and later SF operator and even pilot. For me it was, perhaps at that moment, an experience which simply 'broke' other so-called FPS games. Like for so many of our community, nothing else really compared: the feeling of playing a big role in a small part of an epic battle and, at the same time, being absolutely nobody at all.

That's why it's our absolute pleasure to introduce Arma 3 Tanks: a tribute to the combined arms experience! It's the final piece of our third post-release roadmap puzzle: a splendid set of - as per usual - new premium content, plus a free 'platform update' for everyone that plays Arma 3. But, unlike previous launch blogs, let's be a bit less exhaustive about the what (a forthcoming 'Top 10' blog will provide a splendid substitute of that) and focus more on the why.

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