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lyrics "I'll Never Stop Loving You - Britney Spears "

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Artist express:Britney Spears
Genre:Teen Pop
Release year:1999

Oh, yeah
They say in this world, nothing last forever
But I dont believe thats true
Cause the way that I feel
When we are together
I know thats the way, I always feel for you
From now until forever thats how long Ill be true
I will make you this vow and promise you now until forever
Ill never stop loving you
Then will come a day when the world stops turning
And stars will fall from the sky
But this feeling will last
When the suns start burning
But all I wanna do is love you
Until the end of time
Its gonna take more than a lifetime
To give you all the love (all the love)
Feels for you tonight
Repeat CHORUS (2 times)
Until forever
Ill never stop loving you
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