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lyrics "Brotherhood Of Man-Motörhead "

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Artist express:Motorhead
Release year:2010

Now, your time has come, a storm of iron in the sky
War and murder come again, lucky if you die
No way to rescue destiny, scream and curse in vain
You will never be remembered, no-one knows your name
When the music changes then all is broken down
Mighty cities laid to ruin, burning to the ground
Murder is become the law; you cannot make a stand
Chaos rules the world, now mortal, brotherhood of man
You cannot hide the truth from me, I know whats in your heart
Greed and jealousy, each equal, all your days now dark
Mighty mountains fall in dust, the world falls into Hell
Faith in lying prophets, no-one to lift the spell
Monsters rule your world, are you too scared to understand?
You shall be forever judged and you shall surely hang
We live and scrape in misery; we die by our own hand
And still we murder our own children, brotherhood of man
Blood on all our hands, we cannot hope to wash them clean
History is mystery, do you know what it means?
Slaughter, kill and fighting still and murdered where we stand
Our legacy is lunacy, brotherhood of man
We are worse than animals, we hunger for the kill
We put our faith in maniacs, the triumph of the will
We kill for money, wealth and lust, for this we should be damned
We are disease upon the world, brotherhood of man
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